Sunday, March 8, 2015

BOMBSHELL!!! CWC DOCS RELEASED - Follow up #4 to "Naked CWC student hosed down on campus"

For whatever reason, the legal team to Citizens of the World Charter Mar Vista has finally decided to release the CWC documents related to the hosing of the naked charter school student on the Stoner ES campus and all I can say is...BOMBSHELL!!!!!
    The heavily redacted 78 pages released included personal emails and documents watermarked confidential, but some of the stuff that slipped through in these email is just too juicy. It's better than I could have expected (but also sadder than I could have imagined.)
   I am going to give a few examples, but you'll have to read the best stuff in the book.

*In total, there were 7 different versions of the incident from CWC.

*Depending on which you believe:
   -the executive director: was on campus OR was not aware of the incident until 12 school days later
   -the principal: was off campus OR in a closed door meeting and could not be disturbed
   -the child: was given a bag with a hole for his head OR the bag had holes for his legs.
   -there were 3 people OR 1 person present for the child's hosing

*The one thing all the CWC stories have in common, is the Stoner parent who witnessed the hosing is never mentioned. How would the Stoner community have ever known about this incident if there wasn't a witness?

   Well, I'd like to get back to finishing writing this up for the book, but it's going to have to wait while I attend to matters of the latest co-location attempt at Stoner ES.


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