Thursday, March 19, 2015

ICEF gets $100K to NOT co-locate in Inglewood

Stoner parents speak at ICEF board meeting to oppose co-location
A charter school co-location brings many problems. So much so, some school districts are willing to pay to not have to deal with a co-location.

    At the February 2015 ICEF Monthly board meeting, the board discussed a proposed co-location at an Inglewood Unified School District site. Per the board, "the site offered was not appropriate." So, Inglewood and ICEF entered into negotiations. Ultimately, Inglewood offered ICEF $100,000 to buy its co-location rights for the next two years. ICEF accepted the offer. Basically, Inglewood is paying ICEF $100K to not co-locate.
     This is very troubling. What type of business is given money to do nothing?  What about the ICEF students who signed up that were used as justification for the co-location request? What about the Inglewood students whose school district will have $100K less to spend on them?

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