Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stoner supporters take to ICEF Facebook

ICEF Vista 1 Star reviews asking for no-colocation
ICEF 1 star reviews asking for no co-location
Over the weekend, supporters of Stoner Avenue Elementary School took to the review section of the ICEF Facebook page to express their opposition to the co-location at Stoner.
    Supporters bombarded the school with 1 star reviews and brought the school's rating down from 5 star last week to 3 stars today.  The reviews came from all over the place including the Stoner community, local community and ICEF community.  All the reviews were asking ICEF to "do the right thing" and not co-location at Stoner.
   The opposition to the co-location is growing, and it hasn't even started yet. ICEF is being told online and out in the real world that this co-location is a bad idea and they should withdraw their request. Are they listening?

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