Monday, March 9, 2015

ICEF plots to counter protests

A community member alerted me that the icef principal and some administration were out behind the church plotting something.

   I had a minute so I figured I would go by and see what was going on.
   I walked up to the group and said "Taking about the protest, are we? 
   Yes, they were strategizing about the protest, but they were also waiting for the cops.
    ICEF administration threatened having the protesters arrested. I laughed, it's a public sidewalk. 
     ICEF admin said there are five more charters waiting to co-locate. I told them we didn't care if there were 50 charters waiting, we would oppose them all. 
     I let them know this was only the first protest and that if they accept the co-location there would be protests starting the first day of school. 

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