Friday, September 5, 2014

VERIFIED: CWC MV out performs suspensions

After reporting on the 8 suspensions at CWC,  I received an anonymous email telling me that those numbers were wrong and stating that I "should check my facts."
   While information and statistics about Stoner are readily available on LAUSD's website [link], and discipline statistics can be accessed with a click,  information about Cwc is not as easily available.
   So, I sent a California Public Records Act request to LAUSD to check the facts and the chart below is what I received.

What I found, is that with a population of 351students, Pre-K to 5, Stoner only had 1 suspension for 2013/14. While on the other side of campus, cwc had a population of 133, K to 2, and had a whopping 8 suspensions resulting in 13 days of lost class times. This means there was at least one, if not more, multiday suspensions at Cwc. Adjusting for population size, Cwc had 2100% more suspensions than Stoner.
  Cwc greatly out performed Stoner in the number and rate of suspensions on campus and I will graciously concede that Cwc beat Stoner in this measure.  Kudos on your accomplishment, citizens!

I'm double checking my facts. Are you checking yours?