Friday, July 31, 2015

Adventure #2 begins: ICEF invites the community to leave their community

ICEF Vista an ominous presence in the community
ICEF Vista - ominous presence in the community
    It's been nice having a break from the blog over the summer, but signs of the pending co-location have become unavoidable: new storage trailers have been placed on campus, dozen of new lunch benches have been moved to the ICEF Vista part of campus, LAUSD has been preparing the co-location rooms, and there is even an ICEF wifi network coming from the campus.
   So, it looks like the adventure is ready to begin anew and ICEF has already made their first ham-fisted misstep.
     In a move all to reminiscent of follies of the CWC Mar Vista colocation, yesterday, ICEF Vista sent representatives to the neighborhood around Stoner Elementary to hand out fliers and invite members of the community to a potluck to meet the ICEF community.
   Needless to say, a few of the local community members responded to the invitation by expressing their concern and dismay at ICEF's choice to colocate at Stoner.
   In one exchange with a neighbor, an ICEF community member expressed the absurd notion that they would be fine with their child losing resources so that another school could co-locate.This person is either a liar or a fool, and the fact that they were out
shilling for ICEF does not bode well for this coming school year.
   In fact, this whole event seems rather disingenuous.  There is no mention of ICEF or of the co-location at Stoner. It makes it seem as if there is a seperate community group called "Our community united" that is not affiliated with ICEF, that want the community to meet the community.   If I didn't know this came ICEF, I would have no clue what this is and would probably think it was a scam.
    Considering that they are claiming to be "our community," why are they holding the event far outside of our neighborhood and community? If the point of the event is to smooth over concern about the co-location by putting a human face on their community, then why isn't ICEF having this event in neighborhood such as at Stoner, where they will be co-located, or how about at the ICEF Vista campus at St. Gerard, which is also in the neighborhood?