Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CWC invites community to dinner

After having "declared war" on the neighborhood, CWC has decided that food rather than restraining orders might be a better approach to try to get the community on its side.

   As such, they have invited surrounding neighbors to a dinner of "local food" so that we can meet our "neighbors" and discuss our concerns with the charter.
   I'm not even sure what to think of this. The flier says they would like to "hear concerns and ideas of the neighborhood..." but we've been telling them our concerns for months. Neighbors have called the school, written emails, we had a protest, and there was even an article in the Argonaut regarding the neighborhood's concerns.
   We have given them our ideas and they have all been rejected. Instead, new entrances, which the community opposed, were constructed on Lindblade and Stoner. At this point, we still have the same suggestion: use the front entrance.  If the front entrance isn't going to work for CWC, then they should find another location.

   What is the point of this meeting? Does CWC think that by feeding us one night we will forget about the traffic, parking and safety issues in our neighborhood that we deal with on a daily basis all school year long because of the co-location of CWC at Stoner ES?
   The school year ends in few weeks. Why has it taken this long for CWC to take the neighborhoods concerns seriously? Why should we take them seriously at this point?

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