Saturday, May 31, 2014

Follow up to "Naked CWC student hosed down on campus"

Yesterday's CBS 2 report on the CWC dis-location mentions the incident of the naked CWC student being hosed down on campus. I wanted to follow up on this since there were inaccuracies in the CBS report and new information has come to light since I had previously reported on this.
In early May, a CWC Mar Vista student had a major bathroom accident during school hours and ended up covered in filth. The child's parents were called and they approved CWC cleaning the child at school. A Stoner volunteer walking to the parents's center, which is located next to the CWC part of campus, saw the student outside, undressed and being hosed off by an adult. The volunteer was very disturbed by the incident and reported it immediately to Stoner administration.

    Even taking the bathroom accident into consideration, there are a many problems with hosing off a sick, naked student outside on campus including safety, privacy and health concerns.
    What kind of school policy covers hosing sick, naked students on campus? What guidelines are present to ensure the child's safety when they are being hosed? What safety measures are in place to make sure that the hosing policy is not used as a means for improper behavior? Considering that the child was seen naked on campus, what steps were taken to insure the student's privacy? How was the fecal matter cleaned from the school grounds? Is this a standard CWC policy that we should prepare to see more of?

    These issues concerned many Stoner parents and so on May 13, 2014, I made a policy request regarding this incident to see what policies and procedures CWC had in place to handle a situation of this nature. To date, I have received no direct response from CWC. I followed up with CWC a week later to make sure they received my request but received no response from CWC, instead an LAUSD official contacted me to inform me that CWC had received my request and would respond through the Prop 39 office.
    According the LAUSD official, CWC is required by law to respond to the policy request. So, when I do receive a response, I will make sure to share it here with all of you.

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