Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CWC declares "war" on the neighborhood

After the flicked cigarette incident, CWC sent a letter to their community that looks more like a declaration of war on the surrounding neighbors then a communication about an off campus incident involving a resident and a poorly parked CWC community member.

   CWC administration states "A serious line has been crossed." and that they were working to "...secure restraining orders against select individuals..." CWC also requested that LAUSD police be present for CWC drop off and pick up. CWC states that they are calling in help from local, state and national groups.
     This is a completely over the top, ham fisted reaction by the CWC administration to an isolated off campus incident that resulted from the community's frustration with the parking and traffic issue that CWC is causing.

    The tone of the email is even more disturbing in that at time, many in the CWC community were under the impression that I was the one who flicked the cigarette. This rumor lead to a CWC parent vandalizing property and coming to the neighborhood looking for me and scaring my wife.
     The email contains dangerously inaccurate information that feeds into the myth being perpetuated by the CWC community that there is an organized hostile opposition to CWC that is being led by me, "a Lindblade Street neighbor."
    I understand that tensions in the neighborhood are high regarding the CWC co-location, but this doesn't help calm things down. In fact, it just throws gasoline on the fire.

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