Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Flicked cigarette ignites the World, Citizens of

On Friday, May 2, we had a disturbing incident involving a car blocking a driveway and a flicked cigarette that has set off CWC.
   I spoke with the neighbor, who I'll refer to as G, and other witnesses about the incident to find out what happened.
   G lives in the a cul da sac right across from the CWC entrance, because of this he receives the brunt of the traffic and parking problem that residents have been complaining about for months. His trash cans have been moved and pick ups missed many times. His driveway is often time blocked.
   He lives with two elderly relatives and so it is a major problem for all of them to have the driveway blocked.
   G has to deal with this on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. I can only image the level of frustration this would cause after many, many months of having to deal with the same issue day in day out.
   On that Friday, he saw that his neighbor's driveway was blocked and the neighbor had parked in one of the other neighbor's driveways (per an agreement between the neighbor's in the a cul de sac to help them deal with the parking/traffic problems.) As, the car blocking the driveway was leaving, he reminded the person to be careful when parking. No sooner had that car left then another car came to take that spot and continue to block the neighbor's driveway.
    G waved to the new car to alert them that they were blocking the driveway.  The driver rolled down the window and told G "F--k, you!". Things escalated with f-bombs going back on forth.
    G was so upset that he flicked the cigarette he was smoking towards the car, and the cigarette flew into the open window and into the backseat where a toddler was sitting. Per one witness, G was visibly distressed that the cigarette went in the car. G described it as a total accident, a one in a million fluke.
   The driver jumped out and pulled the child in the back seat out of the car.
    The police were called and G was cited for littering. 

    Now, CWC is using this incident as a rallying point for their community and claiming that there is an "organized hostile opposition" in the community, when really all there is are a bunch of neighbors who are upset by the traffic cause by the co-location of CWC.
    The only difference between this incident and every other day, is that there was a cigarette involved. If there was no cigarette, the traffic/parking/safety problems would just continued as they always have.

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