Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Follow up to tossed cigarette and stolen signs

There's been a lot of rumors and lies going around the CWC community about the tossed cigarette incident. I've heard the gentleman involved was booked, that he had been charged with disturbing the peace, child endangerment, arson and that he committed a verbal assault.

    As I have reported on this blog before regarding the tossed cigarette incident, police were called to the scene on Lindblade PLACE and the man received a citation for littering. This is an infraction and nothing more.  This citation does not even show up on crime statistics for the week of April 27 thru May 3, 2014.

   However, if you look at the same week and at the same location, you will see the theft of the lawns signs reported as happening at Lindblade Place on Saturday, May 3.

   So, to sum up and recap:

Tossed cigarette = infraction
Stolen signs        = theft

   It seems a little blown out of proportion to declare war on the neighborhood , call in the police and get private security over an infraction that happened off campus.

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