Friday, June 6, 2014

Mindful Citizen behavior on display just now

I was walking down Stoner Avenue just a few minutes ago, on my way back from work. I noticed more cars then usual for a Friday and saw people in the Stoner campus. I realized there must be some kind of CWC event going on.
   As I turned the corner on Lindblade, I see a car next to the school, parked half in the red and half blocking a driveway. I thought I should take a picture, but I figured there is no need to belabor the issue at this point.
   A women walks out of the CWC buzzer gate and goes to the car. I look at her, sigh and shake my head then continue walking home.
  A moment later she drives by flicking me off and yelling "I was just loading, asshole!" Oh, okay...but there was a legal, open parking spot 10 feet in front of her.

    There are only a few more days until the end of the CWC school year, then the residents of Stoner, Lindblade and Wagner can return to the quite enjoyment of our neighborhood.

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