Saturday, June 14, 2014

IT'S OFFICIAL #6: CWC finds a new home, two in fact

It's really over. For reals. CWC Mar Vista has accepted on offer from LAUSD to have a split co-location next year 2014/15 at Loyola Village Elementary and Kentwood Elementary, both in Westchester, CA.
The new Cwc MV dual-loci co-location is conveniently golf course adjacent.

    Kentwood Elementary is between 3.5 and 4.8 miles from Stoner ES depending on if you go down Speulveda Blvd or if you go up Lincoln Blvd, but the time to get there is about the same. Loyola Village is 1.4 miles from Kentwood.

     LA School Report has more on the move including the $50K moving cost, the multiple site offers made which included Horace Mann** and the laughable re-requesting of co-location at Stoner ES by CWC Board Chairman Josh McLaughlin with an insulting offer of a joint $10K Stoner-Citizen project and a promise of not taking the Stoner Parents' Center:
**Horace Mann had repeatedly incorrectly been identified as 15 MILES away from Stoner ES. This is a gross exaggeration since Mann is only 7 miles from Stoner ES. I guess 5 miles to Westchester was okay, but 7 miles to Inglewood was two miles too many.Worldly citizens, indeed!
7 miles and running: CWC MV cannot handle 2 extra miles to Inglewood.

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