Friday, June 20, 2014

Del Rey Style #2: St. Geezy Carnival - "You weren't supposed to win"

Tonight the Saint Gerard Majella Festival begins and kicks off another awesome Del Rey summer!
    Like many children in the neighborhood, our girls have been coming to the carnival since before they were born. My wife and I would go the carnival as children before we knew each other. Before they were married, my mother and father would go on dates to the carnival.
     The carnival is the thing to do in summer in Del Rey. There is bumping music, romance and great food. It's a time and place for neighbors and friends to connect and relax. It's a Del Rey summer!
   The girls have seen the carnival attractions arriving all week and are so excited to go. So, last night, we decided to take a walk to the church and watch the rides being assembled. They were working on the carousel, the Superslide, and we even got to see the free-fall tower go up.
   As we were watching the people work, we saw a few neighbors, friends and family out and about. Some would stop to talk. How are the girls? How's the folks? 
   One friend was looking for a pre-school for the fall and asked if could we recommend one. She was looking at a few different schools in the area. We told her about Stoner and what a great year our girl had. She said she would check it out.
    A long time friend who was also a former Stoner TA asked about the charter situation. We told her what happened and that it was over. She said that when she heard about the charter and that we were opposing it, she thought that we were wasting our time and that we couldn't win, but she was glad we were trying. 
   They had money. They have privilege and connections. "You weren't supposed to win." she said. We told her we could not take credit for their exit, in the end, it was the charter's own doing. She insisted that we helped and thanked us for efforts.  She said she would see us at the carnival and was off on her way. 
   As we packed up to head home, the girls were watching the Scrambler go up and were jumping for joy, saying they couldn't wait for today.
  Well, it's TODAY! and now, I can't wait until after work to go to the St. G's Carnival.

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