Tuesday, June 10, 2014

CWC "protest" bus headed to LAUSD board meeting, CWC not on the agenda

Just a bit ago, I started receiving reports from neighbors and Stoner community regarding a CWC "protest" bus parked in the back of Stoner ES campus.
  After receiving a pep talk, about a dozen CWC parents and children piled into the bus. Some parents had signs.
  (To those CWC parents on the bus reading this right now, "Hello! If you really enjoy coming to our campus, you might want to consider enrolling you child at Stoner ES. We have a strong API and involved parents. We will have music and dance programs next. All are welcome at Stoner. You don't have to win the lotto to get in, but once you meet our teachers, you'll feel like to did win.")

  This is a very interesting move on the part of CWC. I'm not exactly sure what they are going to protest...deadlines? Are they going to say state regulations should not apply to them...because, you know, mindfulness and grit?
    LA School Report wrote yesterday that CWC is not on the agenda for today's LAUSD board meeting but is showing up en masse to protest the school's eviction.

    It's surprising that CWC claims they are not privileged, yet, they have enough money to rent a bus so that their parents and community can protest a costly "procedural" error caused solely by the CWC administration.  

One and a half days of school left.

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