Tuesday, June 10, 2014

CWC protests at Beaudry

This morning, I heard about the protest bus at Stoner ES and it piqued my curiosity. What exactly is it that CWC is protesting: 5 CCR 11969.9(i)? deadlines? their administrations ineptness? or that they should be above the law?  I decided to walk over to Beaudry on my lunch break to check out the protest.

    There were quite a number of people in front of LAUSD headquarters, but I guess that is easy to accomplish when you rent private buses to bring in people.
    Many people had on their CWC corporate logo t-shirts. There were signs about making educating kids a priority, about having equal schools and the fact that CWC was the only charter with no location at this moment.

    I figured I would be able to walk by, check it out and go unnoticed, but boy, did I get noticed by the CWC community. I felt like a rock star. People were following me and trying to get my attention. Multiple cameras were  recording and snapping pictures of me as I walked through the crowd. A throng of CWC supporters even cheered as I walked by when they recognized me. Wow, and I was considering not going.

   What a protest! I know how hard organizing a protest can be and so, I applaud CWC in their effort to defy state law. Kudos! You rebels, don't let anyone tell you when you have to hand in your paperwork!

...if only CWC had put this much effort into complying with the law, then all these good people would not have had to waste their time asking LAUSD to ignore state regulations.

CWC classes should be out for the day already. Only 1 day left.

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