Monday, March 16, 2015

PROTEST: ICEF Vista co-location at Stoner

Hoy, there fellow adventurers! You've probably wondering where I've been. Judging from the number of hits to the blog, people have been waiting for info on the protest, but I've been busy. I'm not a full time writer and sometimes life gets in the way, but I've got time now. So, here we go....

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 the Stoner Elementary School community held a protest against the proposed "ICEF Vista Elementary School co-location at Stoner Avenue" in front of the ICEF Vista Elementary/ICEF Vista Middle School location on the St. Gerard's campus.
   Over 30 parents plus Stoner students participated in the protest. A half a dozen ICEF parents joined the protest, by standing on the church grounds asking for help to make ICEF a better school.

   ICEF had four security guards stationed around campus and there were 3 cops cars on Inglewood. So, the Stoner protesters felt safe.
   There was even a military fly over. Stoner had air support!
   One odd-ball ICEF parent openly, immaturely, and sophomoricly mocked the Stoner protesters for their willingness to defy state law and ask for a better future for their children. The display was comical and sadly amusing.
    ICEF administration was present for the protest but stayed far away from the protesters behind a red barricade near the school classrooms.
   A reporter for the Argonaut showed up to the protest and interviewed parents for an article that is supposed to come out this week. We'll let you know when this is published.

   Finally, the Stoner community plans to continue the opposition to the co-location with more protests and stronger actions. This week, Friends of Stoner will be presenting the ICEF Board with over 100 letters and petitions signatures from the Stoner and ICEF community stating their opposition to the co-location.

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