Saturday, March 21, 2015

ICEF's plan is to "steal from Peter to give to Paul"

ICEF don't covet thy neighbor's classrooms
Protesters asking ICEF to not covet their classrooms
Wow, I was just alerted to the ICEF Vista School Site Counsel's February 2015 meeting minutes where ICEF makes it very clear that their intent is to take away resources from Stoner ES to open up space on the ICEF Vista St. Gerard campus to provide those same resources to their own students.

In section e. Expansion Discussion v. We want parents to know all the benefits of the move 2. the minutes state "We get to use some of the facilities at Stoner and will now have open space at our school."  Subsection a goes on to state "Our open space can be used for:  Art room, computer lab, resource room, room for one more section of 6th graders."

Wow, wow, WOW! ICEF wants to take away resources from Stoner which would include the art room, computer lab, music room and other resource rooms so that they can create empty space on their campus to provide almost the exact same resources they are taking away from the Stoner ES students to their own students.
     This is unconscionable. ICEF, which many in the neighborhood refer to as "the school at the church", is "stealing from Peter to give to Paul." They want to take resources away from students at Stoner ES to give those same resources to ICEF students on the St. Gerard campus.

   One other thing I should point out is section e. viii. states "Stoner overall may not be very happy about this move" and in subsection 3 states "We need to clear up misconceptions that Stoner families may have."

     First off, Stoner is not just unhappy, the Stoner community is extremely mad and is fighting back against this co-location. 'Not be very happy' is an understatement. The Stoner community has already held a protest in front of the ICEF Vista campus at the church, and the co-location hasn't even happened yet.
ICEF Vista: stealing from Peter to give to Paul
ICEF Vista: "Stealing from Peter to give to Paul"
ICEF Vista SSC Feb 2015 minutes show that ICEF plans to take
resources from Stoner, to provide those same resources to  ICEF
    Secondly, ICEF doesn't need to clear up misconceptions about a co-location, Stoner lived through a co-location last year and knows what it will be like. Stoner parents began asking for a protest when news of the co-location was announced.
     A co-location creates problems and competition for resources. A co-location creates segregation on campus and ICEF even acknowledges this in in the SSC minutes in section e. ii. stating "..., there will be a definite divide between Vista and Stoner students." In other words, there will be a divided campus with separate and unequal conditions for the different school's students.
      If you don't believe me, you can see the minutes on ICEF website at:
    There is also a jpg of the minutes included with this post.

     I am going to repeat what I told the ICEF Board at their February meeting: "ICEF please don't steal from Peter to give to Paul."

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