Monday, August 25, 2014

Adventures in co-location : the book

This will probably be my last communication.  Tomorrow is the first day of school for CWC Mar Vista and it is time to turn the page on these adventures in co-location.

Many of our adventurers have been wondering where I have gone. Had I abandoned you? Is that the whole story? Was that it?

    No, no, no. There is a lot more to this adventure, more then I could reasonable write on this blog without ending up confusing the story, but I've continued writing and editing. So, with all this material building up, I've decided to move to a new medium and tell the whole story, from beginning to end.

    So, I am proud to announce the end of this blog and the forthcoming book Adventures in Charter School Co-location: the Book!. This will be the story behind the story. The story of the first year of CWC Mar Vista co-locating on the Stoner ES campus as told by a Stoner parent, and life long local resident, who also had family and friends attending CWC and who learned along the way to support his local school and community and oppose outside forces that would end up hurting his neighborhood school.

   I was initially planning on first completing Adventures in Charter School Co-location: the Musical! We had a script ready and were working with the band Summer of Cumbia on creating a uniquely Del Rey sound for the production. However, in order to bring this story out sooner, I decided to complete the Book first and then move on to the Musical and then the Movie (and then the movie based on the musical, but we're getting ahead of ourselves at this point.)

   All joking aside, yes, I am finishing up a book about the co-location of CWC on the Stoner ES campus. It'll make a great Christmas gift!

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