Friday, August 8, 2014

#equalschools - the absurd CWC twitter hashtag demanding special treatment

CWC Mar Vista community using despicable
tactics to demand special treatment
I'm not a Luddite, but until last week, I didn't have a Twitter account. As you can tell by this blog, I need a little more then 140 characters to express myself. However, one of our fellow Adventurers alerted me to the Twitter hashtag "#equalschools" that CWC was using during their protest outside of LAUSD headquarters.

   The absurdity of the CWC Mar Vista community creating a hashtag called #equalschools so that they could demand special treatment is just mind boggling.  The CWC protest was basically asking LASUD to ignore the law, the same law that the CWC administration touted as their right to be co-locating.
   In #equalschools, the CWC community talks about being bullied by the local neighborhood, suffering through a violent anti-charter campaign by an LAUSD employee and being punished for speaking up.
   The misinformation contained in these tweets is just disheartening, but what disturbed me the most is probably the same thing that has been disturbing you about this blog post as you've been reading it: the picture of the boy in what appears to be some kind of medical situation.
CWC jerks
CWC protests their equal
treatment under the law

    I have been debating using this screenshot of the tweet on the blog and have gone back and forth on the idea. It occurred to me that it would be very shocking and probably get this story a lot of hits by using this image, but, then again, it just felt weird and wrong to use a picture of this child in such a vulnerable position, but, well, then again, this twitpic actually exists, and in fact it was re-tweeted by the author, and presumably parent, two other times. One of those re-tweets was directed to @KTLANews5 and @myfoxla. When I saw that, I remembered that this @MakeAWish child was also featured in the KCAL 5 News story about CWC being booted from Stoner.
   What I find extra disturbing about this, is that the CWC community complained that there were children and students at the February 7th Rally for Stoner, and claimed we were using them as misinformed props. Yet, the CWC community seemed to have no problems putting their children front and center in the dialog.
   So, I concluded that if the parents felt it was okay to put this image and information out there on TV and internet, then why should I worry about including it in this blog. So, there you have it.
    Below are some other screen grabs of comparatively, innocuous, yet no less misinformed, tweets from others in the CWC community on #equalschools.
Tweets from CWC community members

CWC community twitpic

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