Monday, February 17, 2014

Round up of last week, Feb 7 to Feb 14

    It was quite an eventful week, the past week. Let’s see if I can sum up what happened: protests, meeting with LAUSD, gang threat, and a meeting with CWC.

Friday, February 7, 2014

     Afternoon: Over 100 community members and Stoner parents and students rallied outside CWC's front entrance asking for a better, safer school for Stoner. La Opinion ran a story on the rally:

Monday, February 10.
    LAUSD held a meeting for Stoner parents to give them more information.  This was basically an informational session on prop 39. This was a repeat of a meeting held last year. Stoner parents asked to meet with CWC officials to discuss their concerns.  A meeting was scheduled for Thursday Feb 13.

Tuesday, Feb 11.
    Gang threats are issued against Stoner parents and Lindblade residents who are organizing against the co-location.

Wednesday, Feb 12
     LAUSD, CWC, Stoner parents and LAUSD Police met to discuss the gang threats and safety on campus.

Thursday, Feb 13
     CWC met with Stoner parents in the Stoner auditorium. Three police cars were stationed around campus. CWC said they were glad to be finally be meeting with us (after only 6 months, 3 protests and 188 letters from Stoner parents). They assured us that they were taking our concerns seriously. The gate security was fixed. The CWC parents no longer entered the student only restroom. Everything was fixed and the problems were all solved.
After 20 minutes, the meeting broke down when CWC administration would not answer a straight-forward, pointed question. "Who authorized giving the combination to all the [CWC] parents?" The question was repeated and then repeated again by another audience member and still no answer.  The Stoner parents began demanding an answer and chanted “Answer, answer, answer.” No answer ever came from CWC. On later questions, CWC avoided answering and even refused to acknowledge Stoner parent’s concerns. Yet, CWC officials said the meeting was a good start. I don't think a good start includes not answering, avoiding questions and denying parents concerns.

Friday, Feb 14. Stoner teacher sees a CWC parent coming out of the student bathroom with a child.

This seems to be the a pattern. We hear that the problem is solved and then the exact behavior we are complaining about is repeated. CWC has broken our trust and it's hard to say if things can move forward when there is no foundation of ttrust. 

       The adventures in co-location will continue tomorrow night at the Del Rey Neighborhood Council meeting, where the only agenda item is "community impact of co-location of Stoner Elementary School and Citizens of the World Charter School." 7 PM at Del Rey Square on Culver in between Inglewood and Stoner.

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