Wednesday, February 26, 2014

CWC teacher found in Students ONLY bathroom while students inside

     On Monday, February 24, 2014, a CWC teacher was seen using the STUDENTS" ONLY bathroom while students were in the bathroom.
      This is just unbelievable! Stoner parents have been worried and complaining for months about CWC parents entering the students' only bathroom. I didn't realize we also had to be worried about CWC teachers entering the student's bathroom.
      Why do these "citizens of the world" behave so un-citizen-like? There are large signs in English and Spanish stating that the bathroom is for students only and adults are not allowed in. Yet, CWC parents and teachers choose to ignore these signs and place our students in danger for their own convenience. Stoner parents have complained many times, and CWC administration has told us many times that they have communicated our concerns and the importance of following the campus rules to their community, but obviously, the CWC community is not listening and does not care about our concerns.
      How can we feel safe about our children being on campus when CWC continues to recklessly create unsafe situations?
      This latest and most ergregious incident again exemplifies CWC'S lack of respect for our community, failure to provide a secure environment for our children and a continuing pattern of worsening behavior.
      How long do our children need to suffer through unsafe conditions on campus created by CWC? Do we have to suffer this indignity for the rest of the school year and expect this to continue next year?

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