Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another week, another CWC parent seen in STUDENTS ONLY bathroom

 When I was walking my daughter home from school on Monday, a Stoner ES parent came up and told me that they had seen another CWC parent in the bathroom last Friday, but that's not even today's story. Today's story began a little earlier on Monday. 
   I guess it really shouldn't come as a surprise anymore, but yesterday I saw a CWC parent coming out of the shared students only bathroom.
    I don't know why Citizens of the World Charter Mar Vista can't act like proper citizens and follow rules.
    What does surprise me though, is that I keep finding these problems. During the day, I am at work, but it seems that just about any school day that I am home, I find a safety problem with CWC.  Maybe it's just a coincidence that every time I pass by there is a problem, but after so many examples, it just seems to be a pattern of bad behavior by the CWC community.
      So, what happened? I came home sick from work. When I passed by the CWC entrance I saw the music teacher, the same one who was seen in the students' bathroom, entering campus. I decided to keep an eye on the student bathroom from the sidewalk outside campus in case he "forgot" the rules again. I readied by telephone to take video and thought I had a minute before he might be near the bathroom.
     As I was waiting, I saw some students exit the bathroom and some others enter. Then a gentleman exited the students' only bathroom. I was so shocked I didn't have time to hit record before the man walked off toward the CWC area of campus.
     I immediately reported the incident to both Stoner and CWC administration.
     Why is this still happening? 188 letters were written to LAUSD and CWC that listed bathroom safety as a major issue. A protest was held demanding safer conditions on campus. Stoner parents met with CWC administration. The Stoner and CWC parent liaison groups met and discussed this issue. New signs were made and posted in the bathroom and, yet, the same behavior continues.
      The new proposed solution is to have Stoner and CWC parents act as bathroom monitors. I have two problems with that: 1) CWC is the cause of the problem, how can we trust them to police the bathroom when they don't respect the rules? 2) Why should Stoner parents have to spend their time policing the bathroom when the problem is wholly caused by CWC?
      CWC is threat to safety on the Stoner Elementary campus and it is sad that we have to police their behavior on campus in order for our children to be safe. Instead of parents having to waste their precious time policing a danger on campus, LAUSD should remove this dangerous entity.

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