Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[Follow up] Deasy visits Stoner (...or what protest?)

I always wonder who reads this blog: there is a person from CWC/CxC, and "3angry" people, but that doesn't account for all the other hits this blog gets.
   The reason I'm curious, is that yesterday for Deasy's visit police cars showed up because the police were told there was going to be protest. Also, an unidentified man walked into the Stoner ES main office in the morning and asked where the protest was.
    This is too funny, because the only place Deasy's visit was announced beforehand was here on this blog. I can only image which concerned CITIZENS are readers of this blog and took it upon themselves to speculate, in fear of the local community and home school, that there would be a protest and call the cops.
     I didn't realize that one of my blog post could create such a stir.
     The real news yesterday, was LAUSD launching the new Smart Balanced computerized test program at Stoner Elementary. More on that in bit.

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