Thursday, March 20, 2014

CWC Mar Vista disrespects local charter, church and community all on the same morning

Lack of respect is one of the major problems that the community has been having with CWC. Citizens of the World Charter Mar Vista has culture of entitlement and acts as if the rules don't apply to them. This was on full display on Saturday, March 15.
    On Saturday morning, I noticed the CWC principal and parents gather on campus. Later that morning, my family walked to the local swap meet that is held at the St. Gerard Majella Church parking lot. St. Gerard's is also the campus of a local charter, ICEF Vista.
   When we entered the swap meet, we saw a group of CWC representatives, who were earlier on CWC campus) wearing CWC corporate logo t shirts, handing out fliers and collecting signatures. They were even talking to ICEF families who were on campus after a school sporting event whose children were dressed in ICEF uniform.
    What gall!!! CWC sends its people onto a church's private property which is also the campus of local charter to recruit students from the school. Why would the church or charter want CWC stealing students and hurting their community? Vendors at the swap meet have to pay for their spots, but CWC felt that it had every right to be there conduct their business, recruit, handout propaganda and bother people shopping . Who does CWC think they are?
    I was shocked to see this and I was not the only one. Other community members and swap meet patrons were loudly complaining about CWC's presence, but no one was coming forward to say anything to the CWC people.
     Finally, some community members went up to engage the CWC people and things started getting heated. "We aren't like you people!" yelled someone from CWC to a Hispanic mother who was questioning the group. Not like you people...really, how classy and inclusive CWC, and yet you want to invade and take over our neighborhood, steal students from other schools and then pretend like you are part of the community and here to serve it?
     Things were getting bad and I saw this needed to end right away before things got worse. I stepped in and asked the CWC people if they had permission to be on campus. To which the CWC group quickly and unequivocally responded "Yes." I asked who gave them permission. Suddenly, they did not have a confident answer. I told them they were on private property and that ICEF would probably not be happy that they were recruiting students on their campus.I told them they could stand outside on the public sidewalk. The group reluctantly slinked off  as parents walked them out of the church lot.

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