Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another week, another threat from the CWC community

   Last week it was an email threat from some representing themselves as part of the CWC community and part of the Culver City street gang, this week it came from a "neighbor" with a hushmail.coaccount.

    The menacing emails began at 4:38 pm Monday, Feb 17 and continued until 4:20 am the following day. The emails talked about my family, listed our assets, listed my parents and brothers addresses, and even said they were going to tell my parents on me. (, really they were going to tell on me...) They were basically trying to intimidate me so that I would not speak at the Del Rey Neighborhood Council Education Committee meeting on Feb 18.
    In the second to last email, the writer even threatens to air my "dirty laundry" at the meeting  as a way to scare me in to silence.
    On the morning of Feb 18, a letter was thrown into my parents yard containing a print out of the emails. (So, they did tell on me!) Maybe they would humiliate me me at the meeting with some dark, long forgotten secret. Or, this was just another attempt to scare and silence me.

    This is just sad.  Is this how citizens of the world behave themselves? Anonymous menacing email threats? As "citizens" wouldn't they want to engage in our democratic process and encourage discussion, such as at a neighborhood council meeting, not silence opposing voices with threats of public humiliation?

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