Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Facebook account hacked, Online bullying from CWC continues - LAPD investigating

Just a few days ago, I saw more personal information about my family posted online, including screen shots of my wife's facebook account, by someone from the CWC community. It's sad that someone from their community would continue to use anonymous, cyber bully tactics to try to scare me and my family. This is the same person (or people) who harassed me and tried to intimidate me from speaking at the Del Rey Neighborhood Council.
   I'm not posting a link to the comments, because the comments have tracked links. In a lapse of judgement, my wife clicked on one of the links from an email this person that said "Log in to your FB [Facebook]...and you will see what I mean." Of course, it was a tracked link and next thing she knew, her facebook account had been hacked. It was few days before she had realized the breach and changed her account settings.
   Is this really how the CWC community conducts itself? Cyberbullying and hacking people's accounts? As "true" citizens wouldn't you want to engage in our democratic process and encourage dialog, not silence opposition by harassment and hacking.

   On the plus side, since the harassment and cyber bullying from the CWC community has continued and only gotten worse, LAPD has opened an investigation on the email threats we have received in relation to Citizens of the World charter school.

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