Friday, April 4, 2014

LCFF plans for Stoner ES

Yesterday, LAUSD board member Steve Zimmer visited Stoner Elementary to a packed library to discuss the LCFF and what funding priorities we would like for Stoner ES. We were very excited to learn that funding will be increasing for the next 8 years. Now, we just need to decide how we would like it used.

 The number one concern for Stoner parents was campus safety, but only in terms of the safety and security issues that are being caused by CWC. While the meeting was intended to be a discussion of the LCFF, the audience kept bring the discussion back to the problems caused by the charter.

Ignoring the problems caused by CWC, Stoner parents priorities include:
-smaller class
-classes in civics
-increase in teacher pay
-music, art & dance
-increase parental involvement and development.
-increase in instruction time

We were also informed that our request for instruments for our school had been placed. We are excited and looking forward to having a strong music and art program at Stoner ES.

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