Monday, April 7, 2014

More gang activity at Citizens of the World Charter

This is getting ridiculous.  Over the weekend, CWC's fence covering was tagged up really badly. 

While we here at this blog do not condon this behavior, it is not surprising given the neighborhood and the on going problems with this charter co-location.
There is an old folks tale in the neighborhood; a legend, really. When the land was filled with chaos, and lawlessness abound,  only the lawless were able to bring order and safety to this land.

During the 1992 LA Riots, the city was in chaos.  Police and firefighter were busy stopping looting and fires all over the city.
As the legend goes, a group of Culver City gang members met and decided they were not going to let their neighborhood be looted and burned to the ground. Their top priorities were the Johnston's Market (now Northgate) and Stoner Elementary because that's where their moms shop and that's where their families go to school. 

Like some kind of scene out of a movie, groups of cholos lined their cars up in the Stoner and Top Value parking lots with their headlights on facing out to the street and stood guard.
...and so, in our city's darkest hour, CxC became the unlikely protectors of the neighborhood; These hommies turned heros, these gangstas turned guardians, these sinners acting as saints; they kept order and protected the neighborhood's most valuable assets. While the rest of the city burned, no harm reached our sleepy corner of LA.


   Now, there is a new threat to the neighborhood. Our children are not safe at school and are facing segregated conditions. The streets are dangerous. There have been complaints filed, letters written, and protests held asking for relief from these unjust conditions, and yet the authorities do nothing.

   When the law refuses to act...

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