Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[Flashback] CWC teacher marchs students over Stoner kids belongs

This is one top disturbing incidents with this co-location, probably just behind the segregated rock concert and the Stoner students bullied in the bathroom by CWC students.

     A CWC teacher took their class out to the playground during a time designated for the Stoner students.  When the Stoner teacher requested that the CWC class yield the playground, instead of leave the playground in an orderly and civil fashion, the CWC teacher marched their student straight through the group of waiting Stoner students, and trampled over the Stoner students' backpacks and sweaters in the process.

    I cannot believe that there would be so little space on the ample Stoner ES playground that the only path off the playground was straight through the Stoner students and over their belongings. Was it necessary to trample the Stoner students belonging when all they were asking was to use the playground when it was their time?

   ...and so what was the lesson imparted here to CWC and Stoner students:
That CWC students should be able to do whatever they want regardless of the rules and that if anyone speaks up for their rights, CWC students should continue to disrespect them and trample over them.

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