Friday, April 25, 2014

Cyberbullying: CWC a community of cyberbullies or just regular bullyies?

Bullying in schools is a big issue nowadays. You fear you child may face bullying at school, but as a parent you never expect that you would be a victim of cyberbullying by people on your own campus. Yet, this is what we have seen from the Citizens of the World Charter Mar Vista community.
    When someone raises concerns about CWC Mar Vista, instead of addressing the issues directly, CWC administration minimizes the problems, scapegoats the person raising concerns and labels them as anti-charter/anti-CWC. Then, the CWC community responds by directing online anonymous personal attacks against the person and their family. I know this because my family and I have been attacked by the CWC community for voicing our concerns. We have seen this behavior over and over again over the past few months.  Is this really how citizens of the world behave themselves?
     Sometime the attacks come as emails, sometimes posts on blogs and sometimes as comments on news stories about CWC.
   In October 2013, the Argonaut wrote a story about the traffic woes cause by the co-location of CWC on the Stoner ES campus. In the comments section, you can see that the CWC community, over many months, overran the comments section and attacked me and my family with ridiculous claims and even posted links to assets held by family members in the area.

    The attacks not only happen online, but in the real world too. CWC community members and supporters have called my brother's work and demanded that he be fired. They have dropped off letters at my parents house.  They have even handed out fliers blaming me for all the problems with the co-location and at the same time making my daughter a target.Stoner parents have been followed home by CWC community members and harassed in the street by CWC founding parents for documenting the problems with the co-location.

   Check out the comments section to any article (like here, or here) that shows CWC in a negative light and you will see that the comments quickly devolve into personal attacks against the author from anonymous individuals. It's very sad to see that this is how these citizens choose to conduct themselves, but I won't be deterred.
   They have attacked me and my family, and have only steeled my resolve. I will stand strong to defend myself, my family, my community and my neighborhood school against these bullying attacks.

   ...and so I say, it's time to end the bullying from the CWC community. If they want to talk, they know where I live (since they posted that information online).

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