Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The COW's are coming to Saturn: Citizens Of the World Mar Vista tries another co-location

Citizens of the World Charter CWC Mar Vista - Be a COW and follow the herd
Citizen of the World Mar Vista is going interplanetary:
The COW herd is moo-ving to Saturn Elementary
    Recently, we've been seeing variations on the search query "Where will Citizens of the World Mar Vista be located next year?" leading people to this blog.  It seems that the Citizens of the World (COW) community wants to know where they will be next year since St. Joan of Arc did not work out so well. I guess the administration isn't being forthcoming and so the COW community is stampeding to this blog for answers.
     You can whoa doggies!...because we've got what your looking for.
     I learned today, that COW will be co-locating at Saturn Street Elementary for 2015/16. The campus places COW 6 miles away from its namesake, Mar Vista. While the COWs might believe themselves to be enlightened citizens of this world, I wonder how they'll fare on Saturn.
    The Saturn community is not pleased and has already begun the battle cry "The COW's are coming!" Saturn is preparing for the COW occupation.

    Saturn was told a white washed version of why COW was no longer co-located at Stoner. The official reason was a missed deadline. However, as the Saturn community has learned about the COW's Adventure in Charter Co-location at Stoner, they have become very concerned.

   Will COW also create traffic and safety issues?  Will the COW's bring their entitled, elitist mentality?  Will the COW heard bring separate and unequal conditions on campus? Will the COW parents and teachers refuse to follow the rules?  Will the COW being stripping students naked and hosing them down on campus?

    While we are glad that the COWs are no longer at Stoner, we are truely sorry that Saturn will have to deal with these COWs.

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