Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stoner community calls co-location "un robo"

Stoner parents are calling ICEF Vista co-location a theft
Stoner parents are calling the ICEF Vista co-location "un robo" (theft)
     Today, members of the Stoner community attended the ICEF SSC/ELAC meeting to again express their concerns about the co-location directly to the ICEF Vista community.
    At the last SSC meeting, ICEF did not provide Spanish translation to the public comments from the Stoner community. So this time, a Stoner parent decided to comment in Spanish.  The ICEF administration was not pleased.
   The ICEF parents at the meeting were upset that the co-location was referred to as "un robo de recursos," a theif of resources.
    ICEF Vista parents were more disturbed to learn that ICEF would only have 1 administrator on site at Stoner during the co-location. Director Buczek assured them that she would only be on leave for few weeks and would be back next year. However, at the DRRA meeting earlier this month, Director Buczek said she would be out on leave the entire year.
    Also, the ICEF parents were very upset to learn that ICEF would not be having summer school this year.
     It's too bad the kids aren't enrolled at Stoner. Stoner is having summer school this year. Maybe the ICEF parents should consider sending their kids to Stoner, ICEF already wants to send them there anyway.

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