Thursday, April 16, 2015

ICEF SSC stays calm until after meeting

Your diligent, dutiful and humble Stoner representative attended today's ICEF SSC meeting to present the communities concerns.
   Public comments were moved to second on the agenda. The ICEF community played it nonchalant during the public comments. After my spiel, I opened the floor to questions. An ICEF teacher asked why there was no colocation now. The principal quickly responded citing the missed deadline. I quickly added that that was the technical reason, but that there were other issues such as security and safety, including an incident were a toddler was almost set on fire over a parking dispute, and and incident where a charter student was stripped naked and hosed down outside.
   After that the meeting moved forward with no problem, almost as if I hadn't even spoke.
   However, after the meeting things went a little off.
    As the meeting progressed, I realized that the primary language of the three ICEF parents at the SSC was Spanish, since there was translation for them during the meeting. There was translation for them except during the public comments. So, it was not clear to me if they understood my comments and concerns
    When the meeting ended, I decided to schmooze the ICEF SSC chair. I introduced myself in Spanish and spoke with him in Spanish about his role as chair and my concerns about the co-location. The translator/office assistant stood next to him and would shake her head, almost as if disputing each point I made. The ICEF principal and teachers stayed in the classroom hovering closely, waiting to see what I was trying to do.
    After a few moments, the principal interrupted in English with a question. I turned to talk to her and asked her what she knew of the co-location. She shook my hand, thanked me for my comments. I asked if she if she had read this blog. She grimaced and said they were going through as planned.
    I replied that it was a shame and the whole lot of us; parents, teachers, admin and I began to walk out. We exited the room and I continued with my concerns to the principal as she walked to her office. She quickly lost composure. She said there were "two sides to each story" and told me I need to "consider the children." That's what I am doing, I said.
    ... and she's right, there are two sides, the side that is taking, and the side being taken from.
    If dealing with one person face to face is a problem, what will next year be like?
    While it might be easy to blow off one guy in a meeting on your home turf, it is going to be a lot more difficult to ignore scores of people when you move in with them.
I am still praying for some Hail Mary that will bring this nightmare on my street to an end, but it looks like we are co-location bound.  Pray for us.

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