Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Follow up #3 to "Naked CWC student hosed down on campus"

I finally had a chance to review the CWC response to my California Public Records Act (PRA) request regarding records about the incident of the hosing of the naked CWC Mar Vista student on the Stoner Elementary campus. The response was startling...mainly, because of the lack of response by CWC. 
    In total, CWC released 1 record in response to the request. The record is a 2 page document titled "NOTICE TO CURE" which was created by LAUSD. CWC claimed privacy exemptions and refused to release any other records.
Taken together, these events create concern regarding the capacity of the CWC Mar Vista staff    This response is very surprising considering LAUSD released 293 pages of documents in response to the exact same PRA request, and most of the records were emails to and from CWC and LAUSD officials, and documents created by CWC. Clearly, there is more information that should have been released. 
     I've asked CWC to reconsider its decision to refuse to release documents since there is more they can and should have released, and because this incident is of interest to the public since it has been written about and featured in the news.

    Hopefully, CWC will release more information so that we can have a better understanding of this serious incident. Regardless if CWC releases more records or not, what I have been able to piece together from the emails and documents paints a very disturbing picture of the co-location of CWC Mar Vista at Stoner Avenue Elementary School, but I think the "NOTICE TO CURE" released by CWC states is best: "Taken together, these events create concern regarding the capacity of the CWC staff, and its governing body, to implement protocols and procedures that ensure the health, safety and dignity of students at all times."

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