Monday, January 12, 2015

Latest news: book,CWC public records request, LAPD follow up to stolen CWC signs

Happy New Year 2015! I can't believe it been almost a full year since I started this blog. I would never have imagined the adventure that was 2014.

    I haven't been checking in on this blog regularly any more, but I see people still are  and there were big spikes in views around Christmas and New Years. I guess people were checking in since I had promised the book for Christmas.
   Unfortunately, it seems like you all were very naughty citizens in 2014 and so no Christmas book for you...

    As for the book, it's coming along. I was planning on self publishing, but I thought I'd pitch the book to publishers and see if anyone bites. Who knows, an academic press might be interested in the book since the book is basically a case study in school co-location and covers topics ranging from law, education, public policy and segregation.

    One of the last loose ends I would like to tie up is to review the CWC documents relating to the hosing of the naked student. Not surprisingly, Citizens of the World has not been forthcoming with the documents. I don't want to have to sue for the documents, but it is looking like that may be the only way CWC will comply with the law and release the documents. The case would be titled "Me vs Citizens of the World." It has a nice ring to it.

    Finally, in other news, last Friday, I received a phone call from an LAPD investigator following up to the report of the incident of the CWC Mar Vista family stealing lawn signs. As a law librarian, I am well aware that the wheels of justice move slowly and 6 months is not a long time in terms of justice, but it is good to see that the dangerous conditions and criminal activity that the Citizens of the World Mar Vista community brought to our neighborhood are being taken seriously.

After last year, I can't even imagine what kind of adventures 2015 will bring.

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