Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shifting gears: Amigos de Stoner Avenue Elementary

    Based on many of the anonymous emails and comments I received over the past year, it seems that many in the CWC community believed that the local community was upset by CWC's philosophy. In reality, the main problem with CWC last year was its location.

    The main reason the community wanted CWC off of Stoner campus was that if CWC stayed it would have limited the resources available to our our children and our school, but now that there is no co-location at Stoner, it's time to shift gears and focus on continuing to build Stoner up and to highlight the good that our local school does for Del Rey community.
     As such, I am extremely proud to announce the formation of the booster club: Friends of Stoner Avenue Elementary School/ Amigos de Stoner Avenue Elementary School.

     Yesterday,  Amigos de Stoner released its first newsletter. You can read it here:
   The first newsletter contains stories on:
1. Spanish Language maintenance program for 2015/16
2. Stoner named REWARDS school
3. new music program shines at winter recital
4. Free pre-K morning & afternoon.

   In other news, tonight in the Stoner auditorium at 5:30 PM, there will be a meeting about the Spanish language maintenance program that will be starting in 2015/16. Anyone interested is invited to attend.

   I am very excited about everything that is happening at Stoner and look forwards to working with the Amigso/Friends to help make Stoner ES the best school for our community.

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