Friday, September 4, 2015

ICEF issues "cease and desist" letter

***Hello ICEF lawyers and administration.  Thank you for reading this blog. Your views are increasing the revenue to this blog.***
....and now, back to our regularly scheduled Adventures.
Hmm, in an almost predictable twist in this co-loction adventure, yesterday at 6:29 PM, ICEF's legal counsel has issue a "cease and desist" letter asking that I stop actions that are interfering "with ICEF's education of it's students."  
      What am doing that interferes with ICEF educating its students?  ICEF presents a three pronged complaint as to their reason .
1. "Padlocking gate" - ICEF counsel accuses me of locking their staff in campus on Saturday, August 8, 2015. They even claim there was a witness. Unfortunately for ICEF, I did not lock the gate and I have a witness who can verify that I did not lock the gate.  --Nice try, but no cigar.

2. "Harassing students, teachers, staff and others" -- ICEF is claiming documenting the co-location on this blog by taking photo and videos of people out in public that I am intimidating, harassing and bullying these people. Unfortunately for ICEF, new media journalism is not intimidation, harassment or bullying, it's just reporting the news. --No soup for you!

3. "Blog entries" -- ICEF had 2 specific complaints regarding 2 blog post. These 2 post have since been updated (here, and here) to remove privileged and potential defamatory information.  -- Thanks for the heads up! I will be a little more cautious in what I write in the future, but I am not going to stop the blog.

  I have responded to ICEF and asked them to clarify their request since 1 and 2 don't apply and 3 has been corrected.

I wonder what the next gambit will be.

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