Thursday, July 31, 2014

[Flashback] Cwc protest #2

On Thursday, December 5, 2013, neighbors and Stoner parents held a second protest, again complaining about the traffic/safety issues and the separate and unequal conditions on campus caused by the co-location of Citizens of the World Charter Mar Vista on the Stoner Avenue Elemtary School campus.
   The rally fliers caught the attention of the CWC administration and so, the night before the rally, I was invited to meet with the CWC Executive Director and the Principal at Geo's coffee shop on Inglewood.
   I met with them.The director brought her children along. They seemed like nice people, but nice people or not, the problems caused by the co-location were real and were not going to be solved over a cup of coffee.
   The next day, there were about a dozen neighbors and Stoner ES parents out on Lindblade next to the CWC separate entrance. The signs were simple, some were even made with crayon, and there were chants,(my daughter still on occasion will chant "CWC, stand with the community!") but mainly, it was the local community standing together to make their voice heard.
  For the most part, the CWC community did not engage with the local community and just ignored our presence, but someone did call the police and two cruisers showed up.

   Little did we know that our complaints about traffic/safety issues and the separate and unequal conditions on campus would be on full display the very next day at the CWC Walk-a-thon, or as it is called in the community, the "Segregated rock concert!"

Neighbors and parents organize against the co-location of CWC Mar Vista
Neighbors organize against the co-location of CWC

2 LAPD units show up at CWC Mar Vista protest
2 LAPD cars showed up at the CWC Rally

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